You’ve come to the right place for Life Insurance, Trauma, Total Permanent Disability, Income and Mortgage Protection, Health Cover, and Business Cover…….

What would happen if you lost your income? How long would it take before your lifestyle is dramatically impacted… the car repossessed, bank takes back your home… and other such nasties?

We have all heard the stories; we hear about the dreadful and painful experiences that are often followed by “If Only I had Listened”.

Essential Insurances was established to take the mystery, and the misery, out of the insurance equation. We, at Essential Insurances, are here to make it easier for you to sleep at night knowing that if it all turns to custard, you have the knowledge and comfort knowing your income and family home is protected, and your loved ones will be taken care of in the event of your premature death.

We live in a time when we hear almost weekly about family and friends being diagnosed with serious medical problems and issues. This is when the right Trauma and Medical Cover is essential to help you and your family during those most difficult times.

One size does not fit all, each family’s needs are different and individual to them, that’s why you need Essential Insurances to provide the right advice and tailor the correct insurance cover to suit your individual needs. – “because the correct insurance cover is essential”.

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